Tankless Water Heaters

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 Call Mike Today for an explanation of this service. Take showers as long as you like and never run out of hot water.

One of the things I like best about Handyman Long Beach is that he isn’t practicing on your time and your money on how to repair the items you need repaired. Handyman Long Beach is a home owner himself and he has put in new air conditioning, new windows, replaced wood floors, painted the house, repaired termite infested wood, fixed everything in the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor patio. He has cut and laid tile, repaired faulty wiring, installed new electrical outlets and installed sinks, toilets and showers. But the one item that I really liked that he installed in his home is the tankless water heater.

Handyman Long Beach thinks that tankless water heaters are great to install, but they do have some limitations that make them unsuitable for some users. Handyman Long Beach will tell you that the tankless water heater was originally designed to be used in situations where a tank was not feasible, desireable, efficient or in a building with a low hot water demand. Handyman Long Beach will tell you that they are found more often in Europe than in the United States, but Handyman Long Beach put one in his house because he wanted hot water on demand.

Handyman Long Beach will tell you that since the water is heated as needed, there can be tremendous savings over tank units that by design keep the water hot all day, every day, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7). Handyman Long Beach will tell you that there are other ways to heat the water, both good and bad, as when the energy (and

dollar) savings are diminished or even nonexistent if the alternative is a hot water system integrated into your gas or oil heating system.

Handyman Long Beach will tell you that there is a tradeoff you must understand before making a purchase decision on a tankless water heater. Tank-type water heaters can supply enough hot water to run multiple hot water appliances or showers at the same time, but that only works provided that you buy a big enough unit with sufficient tank size for your needed usage and the number of people in the house that are going to be using hot water in the shower. Of course, Handyman Long Beach will tell you that the tank hot water heater could run out of heated water, since they could have a limited hot water capacity.

Handyman Long Beach will tell you that tankless heaters, on the other hand, may have large drop-offs in water temperature as the water flow through them increases and if the toilet is flushed at the wrong time if one hasn’t prepared for this event. Handyman Long Beach will tell you that all the elements in a tankless water heater heat the water up to an adjustable maximum temperature. As the incoming water temperature drops, or as the volume of water moving through the heater increases, Handyman Long Beach will tell you the temperature of the heated water will correspondingly decrease. Of course, Handyman Long Beach will tell you this negative feature can be overcome by changing your hot water usage habits, as in don’t flush the toilet if someone is taking a shower.

Handyman Long Beach will tell you On the positive side, with a tankless unit you never run out of hot water, since it heats on demand and those of us who need a long hot shower once in a while to wash the stress away will be grateful to Handyman Long Beach for installing one.

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